La Chipirona Cocina de Mar seafood restaurant is a new concept in Mediterranean cuisine, serving traditional seafood dishes, with its feet firmly planted in the sand but with an open mind and a hands-on approach to sourcing market-fresh ingredients.


Both inside and out, part of a whole designed to take you to a place which has always been there. In essence, a rich fusion of settings, moments, flavours and sensations.

Calle Maestro Gozalbo, 29

46005 Valencia

Opening hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00 a 17:00
Wednesday: 12:00 a 17:00 // 19:30 a 00:00
Thursday: 12:00 a 17:00 // 19:30 a 00:00
Friday: 12.00 – 00.00
Saturday: 12.00 – 00.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 17.00


Suggestion of the day


– Tomato salad with spring onion, cucumber and fromage frais.

– “Tigre” croquette with a Kimchee emulsion.

– Veal brochette with a vegetable emulsion.


– Seafood rice with calamari and prawns.

– Country-style rice with chicken and rabbit.

– Robatayaki slow-cooked ribs with a creamy sweet potato purée and aromatic herbs.

– Charcoal grilled octopus tentacles a la Robata, served with sobrassada cured sausage crumble on a creamy bed of potato and a paprika alioli sauce.



€17.50 (taxes included)
* Available lunchtimes from Tuesday to Friday excluding public holidays. Menu as an example subject to changes.


La Chipirona


Fusion cuisine in the very heart of Valencia

When you think of fine dining in Valencia, the first things that commonly come to mind are rice dishes and seafood. But if you are seeking real seafood cuisine that you’ll get hooked on for its freshness, its touches of colour and its great taste, then La Chipirona hits the spot. Our restaurant specialises in a tasty combination of fusion cuisine in a venue that that gives you a sense of being on the water’s edge.

La Chipirona dishes up some of the tastiest seafood cuisine recipes in Valencia, while at the same time, it has the relaxed atmosphere of a new restaurant offering tantalising dishes. No longer do you have to go to the beach to eat a great ceviche in Valencia when you can find fresh products right in the centre. We dish up creative tapas, tuna recipes that cater to the hungriest appetite. If you want to pop in to discover the delicacies of our robata, a traditional Japanese grill, one of the cornerstones of our kitchen, you’ll find us at La Chipirona Seafood Restaurant. The prawn, salmon or calamari brochettes taste delicious when cooked on this grill, as do the octopus or the succulent turbot on a bed of stir-fried garlic.

Our restaurants are open plan, contemporary, very chic, specially designed to titillate the senses. At La Chipirona you’ll enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and it’s ideal for a Friday or Saturday late afternoon/evening get-together with friends. Our palm and orange trees will help you to reconnect with nature while you sip on a tasty cocktail. We love to pamper our guests with our friendly and attentive service, as well as our attention to detail. Quality is part of the brand, so rather than just having fish for dinner in Valencia, let us take your breath away with our crispy tuna on a bed of creamy smoked aubergine!

If you want to something out of the ordinary, pay a visit to our restaurant and its wonderful Mediterranean terrace. You’ll find us here at Calle Maestro Gozalbo 29, adjacent to the Antiguo Reino de Valencia Avenue. If you find yourself in the centre looking for a charming restaurant for an evening meal in the Canovas district, or simply to snack on some tasty bites, we’re here waiting for you. You’ll want to try our seafood croquettes, or prawn tacos and for vegetarians, how about some mouth-watering bravas potatoes.

So, if today you have a hankering for succulent fish near Russafa, pop in to discover the culinary delights of our menu!

You’ll also discover that we are home to some of the best creative tapas in the city of Valencia!

The indoor seating is ideal for trying some of our dishes in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. But if you are out with friends looking for a trendy restaurant in Valencia for a late afternoon snake or drinks, come and take a seat on our terrace. Our cocktails are out-of-this-world, as is our selection of wines and beers. Value for money is unbeatable, so come a find out why our fusion cuisine and seafood products are so moreish. You will love our seafood and mountain rice dishes. Come in for a bite to eat at lunchtime and try our brothy seafood rice, or our inspired and innovative llandas. At La Chipirona you will be sure to find something fresh, creative, fun, and succulent. One look at our menu will be enough to whet your appetite. So come try it for yourself!

Seafood Tapas at La Chipirona

Are you in the centre of Valencia? At La Chipirona you’ll love our relaxed atmosphere, and great value for money, but above all our tasty grilled dishes and our seafood tapas.

La Chipirona is the perfect venue, whether it’s for an aperitif, a late afternoon get-together or maybe just some predinner drinks. Enjoy the restaurant’s chic setting and a friendly and fresh service while you relax with a cool beer or a glass of wine. It’s like having a little hideaway near the beach, but right in the city! Come and discover the wonderfully Mediterranean and eclectic atmosphere with a gin and tonic in one hand as you savour the delights of one of our grilled brochettes. We use a Robata, a traditional Japanese grill which gives our grilled dishes an exquisitely unique taste with smoky undertones.

Don’t accept just any recipe for tuna in Valencia, when you can sample some of the best seafood recipes right here. Whether it’s a ceviche in Valencia, or a succulent fish dinner, at La Chipirona you’ll discover an authentically original cuisine, that will make a lasting impression, so much so that you’ll be back for more. We promise that once you try our creative tapas and our other dishes elaborated using only fresh ingredients, you’ll want to stay in the centre of Valencia.

La Chipirona is the ideal venue to try some truly excellent tapas with family or friends, so whether it’s for a snack, for lunch or for dinner indoors or on our delightful terrace, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to very water’s edge. Pintxos, cocktails and drinks brochettes, king prawn, rice dishes, as well as vegetarian dishes and our mouth-watering desserts, such as our chocolate cachondeo to mark the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Take a peek at La Chipirona’s menu so that you can start planning your reservation. Nor does it have to be a special occasion, just any day when you get the urge to pamper yourself … and we’ll help you. An attentive service you’ll appreciate, with the very best Mediterranean cuisine in the very heart of Valencia, the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable meal. A restaurant, which if you give it half a chance, will become your favourite one and then you’ll be back for more…time and again!

So, if you are planning on dining out in Canovas or you’re looking for a charming restaurant in the centre of Valencia, La Chipirona is waiting to welcome you. Authentic seafood cuisine, spectacular rice dishes unlike anything you’ve had before and an eclectic, yet relaxing atmosphere, with top-quality table service, are all what is waiting to be discovered.

If you want to celebrate an event with us, write to eventos@viciosfood.com

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